I’m no mechanic 

Here are a few things I learned today when my car died in the Hobby Lobby parking lot:-Asking a stranger for help because your husband is 2 hours away is scary.

-Profiling in this situation is allowed. I tapped on the window of a good husband who was patiently waiting for his wife as she shopped for crafting supplies. I doubt an ax murderer would do this

-Mini Coopers are bizarre. The battery is hidden under a flap and is not visible. Staring blankly into the bowels of your car as your good Samaritan waits for you to find something you’re not even sure you’ll recognize is super awkward. FYI: The picture above shows how hidden the battery is…it’s  hidden in the upper left corner behind a secret door. 

-The thing on the front of your car is called a “hood” and not a “lid”. I was corrected on this by the aforementioned stranger. Oops

-I probably need a little class on cars because I had to get the manual out to figure out how to open the “lid”. 

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