Cats and Dogs 

Today was the first day of school and this is my 2nd grade class. Not even kidding. I have two cats and two dogs. Let me explain.  

Years ago my good friend and teaching partner, Todd Bones, taught me something that has changed my perspective on people FOREVER. Here it is…are you ready? If you read the next line you, too, will be forever changed.


ALL people are either cats or dogs.


The dogs will be your friend immediately, lick your face, and bring you a ball to play with. If you let them, they will sit on your lap and snuggle you. They hold nothing back and need no coaxing to join in. Dogs love you just because. The only downside to the dogs is that they can also be rambunctious and sometimes need to be reminded not to jump on company or wildly tear around the house in circles.


The cats, on the other hand, will give you some side-eye and be very suspicious of you. If you move too quickly toward them they will run away or, worse, they might hiss and then scratch out your eyeballs. But, if you’re very careful and you gently dangle a string in front of them, they might come out of hiding to play. You have to develop some stealthy moves with cats.


I am a dog. I trust too easily and want to be everyone’s friend. I chase my tail with my ruminating thoughts and I’m highly motivated by the possibility of a “treat’. I can overwhelm cats and shy dogs and have to remind myself to reign it in at times. But my heart is pure and motivated by love.


So tomorrow will be the second day of school and I will go into the classroom and be gleefully greeted by the dogs as I remind them to mind their manners and I will find new ways to draw out my cats and earn their trust. Together we will become a little cat-dog family where everyone belongs. 









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  1. I have a very gentle cat, and I’m more of an introverted cat person. However, I don’t know that I’m on the extreme end of the cat description; At least I hope I don’t ever scratch anyone’s eyes out. 😉 I love your blog, Gretchen!


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