There is No Hidden Play Doh


I have been searching for the hidden Play-Doh for a week now.  Every time I sit down in the family room, I get a huge whiff of it and I’m sure you know this is a distinct smell.  I have looked under the coffee table, reached into the couch cushions, and have even inspected my animals.  I didn’t recall opening the package of Play-Doh that we bought for our grandson , but I did check it and the box is sill intact.  This has been an ongoing mystery…until tonight.

I have to admit something embarrassing to y’all…..I bought Wal-Mart candles. And I didn’t buy 1 or 2…I bought what my daughter would call a “butt ton”.   I have this problem with needing everything to always match. (If you know me, it will not surprise you that I feel the need to have, even my candles, matching.)  Anyway….in anticipation of  putting up Christmas decor, I knew my last year’s Christmasy smelling candles were all almost gone and that I would need to make a trip to Bath and Body or Yankee Candle.  But, suddenly, I found myself in  Wal-Mart and saw giant candles for THREE DOLLARS  that would cost me a mortgage payment at the aforementioned stores and my Grinch heart could not pass them up.

Cue: Whoville Music

 How the Grinch (Gretch) Stole Christmas (or at least made it stinky)

  • Knowing that Christmas was on the horizon my heart skipped a beat when I laid my eyes on.
  • A “butt-ton” of candles so reasonably priced.each matching in color – oh they’ll look so nice!
  •  Who cares if it’s Wal-Mart? these candles are cheap. At just three dollars each, I’ll be saving a heap!
  • I loaded the cart with candles galore. Paid next next to nothing and danced out the store!
  • Blinded by frugality, not thinking it through I failed to do one thing that good shoppers do.
  • I didn’t even think to give a good, hearty sniff. What was I thinking? Not even a whiff?
  • Several days later I began to smell Play-Doh.  Knowing that this scent must be evacuat-oed   *(I know, that was a stretch)
  • I tore through the family room searching in vain determined to find this olfactory pain  When, alas, I discovered from where the scent came. Curse you, Sam Walton, your candles are lame!

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