Wise Words from Spin Class

This morning we had a substitute teaching our spin class. I was pretty sure I was going to like her from the moment she said we’d have all 80’s music but it was something she said toward the end of class that hit me square between the eyes. We were on our last working song and I could feel my legs getting kind of shaky and I was slowing a bit when I heard her say, “Don’t give up yet. Don’t waste this opportunity.” Nothing earth shattering, but I was honestly wasting the last opportunity to show this body who’s boss so I dug deep and worked hard until the last note of that song! I spent the cool down songs thinking of how many opportunities I waste on a daily basis. I miss opportunities to reach out to people, say “I love you.”, hug, give a compliment, etc., So today I’m making a commitment to live life like it’s the last working song in spin class.

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