Longing for a Giant

This is my sister with her 150 pound Great Dane, Murphy. He is comforted by sitting in her lap. He doesn’t care that he is bigger than she is, he just knows that she is his person. Looking at this picture, I am struck with feelings of wanting to unashamedly sit on a lap and be soothed. But, in my case, I think I’d need a giant. God is certainly big enough to hold my insecurities and fears and is a spiritual giant. So why don’t I willingly just crawl into my Father’s lap and trust that He will soothe my worries away? I suppose I desperately long for the physical protection I once felt from being small and having my earthly father scoop me into his arms. Someday I hope to be reunited with him and to also be in the presence of my Heavenly Father. There will be great rejoicing when I can be scooped up and contentedly sit in the laps of my giant and protective fathers.

One thought on “Longing for a Giant

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  1. I so love this post, Gretchen, and it means an awful lot to me today! I’ve been struggling again with trying to keep off my weight, and it can be very discouraging. So, it’s nice to remind myself that God is there ready for me to climb up into his lap!


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