Twinkle toes

I need you to picture a sound in your head. I know it's weird to ask you picture something audible, but I'm not sure how else to ask you to do this. "I need you to hear a sound in your head that's not really there" seems like I might be encouraging some form of... Continue Reading →

It’s so fluffy…

I kinda feel like I should apologize for writing, yet another, unicorn post. But, as I recall, I totally warned you way back in one of my first posts that they're kind of my thing. So I'm not apologizing. In fact, saying "I'm sorry" for stupid things is something I'm really trying to break. So... Continue Reading →

My special unicorn 

This is my pet unicorn. Her name is Fiona. Honesty, I kind of want to be her. Not even kidding. I love her for so many reasons, but here are just a few: -Fiona is always expecting something great! Just look how she peers into that cup with happy anticipation! She is hopeful.  - Fiona... Continue Reading →

Kitchen table

  I have no clue what it is about my table but there's definitely something magical going on underneath there. It is THE coveted condo of cats, dogs, and small children.Spiders  probably like it too, but I just can't allow my mind to go there or we'll be adding one more issue to my list... Continue Reading →

Hills and valleys

Why do we associate being in "the valley with times of sorrow and hardship? Seriously,,.the valley is where most people LIVE!  See all those houses in the valley? Do you see ANY houses on the hills? Sure, some people can do it, but they're in the minority,  It's hard to maintain life on the mountain... Continue Reading →

You can borrow my goat

I have someone in my life who continually tries to bait me into conflict.  I don't understand this thinking because I will do almost anything to avoid conflict including, but not limited to, hiding under my bed covers. I guess you could say this person is a professional "Goat Getter" or that she might have... Continue Reading →

Wheat thins and peanuts

Okay...just play along... Peanut butter and >>>>>>jelly. Macaroni and>>>>>>cheese. Wheat thins and>>>>>>????? I have no idea what you said for that last one, but I'm guessing it wasn't "peanuts"! First of all, let me say that I adore Southwest Airlines, but this snack has been the staple on my last several trips and it makes... Continue Reading →

The taste of childhood 

This screen on the "magic soda machine" is my equivalent of the fortune teller machine in the movie "Big". One wish and the press of a button instantly transport me back in time. Just the smell of Strawberry Fanta transforms me into to a 7 year old holding a frosty glass bottle and hanging out... Continue Reading →


I think I might've embarrassed my husband when we were at Seaworld. I actually played the duck pond game in the children's area. You know why? You literally CANNOT LOSE! There are no "bad ducks". Well, to be fair, there might be some bad ones in the group, I didn't really get to know them... Continue Reading →

Suitcase gargoyles and such

I love to travel. Take me to Ault, Colorado and I'm happy to go. But can we just talk about our airport for a minute? There's some unsettling stuff going on in there. Do you think that the "airport decorators" involved figured that we'd all be too busy trying to catch a flight or run... Continue Reading →

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