A Trip Down Memory Lane (aka Leaving Frump Town)

The other day I had the funniest conversation with my best friend and I just have to share it. We were discussing where to buy clothing that is modest but not frumpy when we started a dialogue about Christoper and Banks. We both agreed that, under no circumstances, would we be ready (as in not old enough) to step foot into that store. But, I must sheepishly admit that at one time in our lives we couldn’t get enough of Christopher and Banks and its appliquéd everything. By far, my favorite items were the “teacher sweaters”. Embroider a ruler and a chalkboard on something and I had to have it. If said appliqués came in a denim jumper…all the better! We were both also very fond of anything with a snowman motif! Amy seemed to think that, at the time, these things might have been in style. Being her best friend, it is my job to never lie to her and I had to tell her that I don’t think appliqués have ever been “in style” outside of nursing homes. When was the last time you saw a Vogue model wearing a snowman sweater with 3-D scarves? Case closed. So now we must ask the question as to what in the world possessed two twenty-somethings to flock to the epicenter of Frump Town? Were we void of rational thought because we were both raising little children and teaching 30 more? Were we so excited to be teachers that we needed everyone to know our profession by our wardrobe choices? I have no idea what drew us in, but I do know there are college kids out there with us to thank for supplying the local thrift stores with a plethora of choices for ugly sweater parties. You’re welcome.

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